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Rs 40 crore per set?

Written by twoodnews

Director Shankar, who has unveiled ‘2.O’ with a huge budget, is now unveiling ‘Indian 2’ in the history of Indian cinema. 2.Of the film succeeds, the big budget comes with losses. Even before the film was a good grosser, Shankar had lost a big budget. Given his past experience, some thought that Shankar would somehow make a ‘Indian 2’ film. But Shankar is not diminishing anything.

Various news that Indian 2 cinema has stopped in the budget .. Producers are wrong about the budget. They are also rumored to be true. Shankar is producing the film with a huge budget. To know the budget range of the film, one setting for the film is worth the cost. Director Shankar has set a Rs 40 crore set for an action scene. The fight for the fight is a huge cast .. Fight Masters .. Junior artists all together cost another half a million.

65 crores for a single fight. With a budget of Rs 65 crores in the South, a huge budget movie of star heroes can be made. Given that Shankar is spending so much budget for one fight, one can only imagine how much the entire budget of Indian 2 cinema will be.Shankar also has huge settings for the songs in his film. It seems that he is spending just over a billion crores of settings.

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