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Is Shah Rukh’s daughter so hot?

Written by twoodnews

Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan has already made a fuss on social media on dressings. But before the controversy subsided, Suhana Khan took a photo of her two close friends in New York and shared them on Instagram. After this photo was released, Shah Rukh’s fans have been mulling over others’ suhana look.

As the daughter of Shah Rukh, Suhana is known as a very popular celebrity on social media. Millions of people follow her on social media. Suhana has always been active on social media.

Suhana wore a white teesart in a shared photo. However, the entire waist looks sexy in a closet. Smiling a little is like dating her two sexy friends. The photo, taken by three mummies, became viral. While at the Cowboy Getaway with her American friends, Suhana in the center also showed a waist and hot.

Suhana is currently studying at a university in New York while doing a film making course. To this end, she took this hot photo with her two American friends. Sharing on Instagram has become viral on social media. Shah Rukh’s daughter in the country is furious at this photo.

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