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I am talking about KTR PA ..!

Written by twoodnews

The idea of ​​cheating can be .. But the impoverished ideas are common. All this is to say. Telangana State Minister KTR PA named a cheater many phones .. The cheating women has come out fresh. Introducing himself as KTR PA, Maska is taking gifts from them, cash and gifts.

Speaking of KTR PA .. come in the evening .. along with the directions to shop .. come to the place .. Hukum to arrange. In the same vein, the accused phoned a leader of Banjara hills three days ago. The leader, who was suspected of being so different from his words, informed the police about the man. The police who did the check concluded that he was not a KTR. The leader then lodged a complaint with the man who betrayed him. The police are looking for a man who is known to be Muska’s KTR.

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