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‘Discoraza’ what you have .. Adurs

Written by twoodnews

Ravi Teja is set to release ‘Disco Raja’ which is being directed by VI Anand. The first song to be released soon is the release of the first song Nuwanu Nao Amannavo .. This song was composed by Thaman and lyrics by Siriwennella Seetharamastri was sung by SP Balasubramaniam. The song gets a good response. The lyrics of the song are well understood and accompanied by a feel good music. With the voice of Balasubramaniam, the song seems to come to life.

Every word in the song speaks to the sturdy work of Sirivennela without saying it. Thaman tuned in to catch an old Melody song that was so cool. Taman, who recently created a sensation on YouTube with the song “Samajavaram”, once again seems to be getting dusty with this song. The song’s release has taken over 7 lakh views in just one day. Reach Million Views in a few hours.

The song is well-received by viewers on YouTube, who believe that the song is gaining a lot of attention before. The song visuals are also quite impressive. The song was originally shown on an older generation of black and white TV, with titles added to the song. The humming at the beginning of the song is also very aggressive. While there is still plenty of time for the film’s release, there is no doubt that the song is expected to meet expectations for the film.

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