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Where is the VenkatLaxmi Review

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Rai Lakshmi is the heroine .. comedians Praveen-Madhunanadan starring in the lead roles ‘Where Is the Venkatlakshmi’. The horror comedy, created by new director Kishore Kumar, has come to the audience today. Let’s see how it works.

Movie:’Where is the VenkatLaxmi’
Actors: Roy Lakshmi – Praveen – Madhunanadan – Ram Karthik – Poojitha Ponnada – Annapurna and others
Music: Hari Honor
Cinematography: Venkat branch
Story – Screenplay – Dial: Kiran
Producers: Sridhar Reddy – Anand Reddy – Arke Reddy
Directed by: Y. Kishore Kumar

Chanti (Praveen) – The fruit (Madhanandan), two young men are made up of their head in the village. They do not have trouble in the town because of them. A teacher named Venkatalakshmi comes to such a place. Chaiti fruit is in her jealousy. Venkatlakshmi is trying to impress him in many ways. But in the end she will know that she is not a man.She is in a trap. Venkatakshmi threatens to put a work to get out of her. That’s what she told me to do .. Whether the work done by Venkatla Lakshmi or the other story.

Some Ideas are good to hear. But the idiom that it looks like an excellence is a must have for a couple of hours. It is not easy to find interesting story on the screen. Identity is the example of ‘Where Is the Venkatalakshmi’ to be sure to say if there is only one who believes in Idea and what it means to be drawn to it. Horror comedy cinema is usually played as a human being.Then he shows his original appearance. We see a different point in ‘Where Is the Venkatlakshmi’. This is the point in which some of the songs have been touching in the past. But it turned out to be a bit more extensible. However, the ‘Where Is the Venkatlakshmi’ was so bad that the introducing Idea was poorly executed.

The first is that the demon is very scary in ‘Where Is the Venkatlakshmi’. The ghostly characters are very common. At the moment, we fear that it is supposed to be a demon, unless there is any kind of role in the characters. There is nothing wrong with making the film a comedy. But the things that should be said seriously are to be said.But in this movie there is no such seriousness. Each scene is very silly. The storytelling is somewhat of a method. The característication of Establishment is also true or the audience comes from a ‘Light’ feeling. Rai Laxmi gave the first step to the building and then conveyed it.She’s made in the movie. In the second half, however, Roy Lakshmi is the only one to say no. The role of the villain is also the same. Initially giving the builder and then turquoise.

On the other hand, Roy Lakshmi tried to impress the audience with a lot of glamorous offerings. In addition, double-minding dialogues are trying to please some people who wish to entertain such comedy. In the ‘Where Is the Venkatlakshmi’ there is no significant feature. Every scene seems silly throughout the second sense.There is no need to tell the climax. This is the classic sequence that creates a feeling of such a build. The original ‘Where is the Venkatlakshmi’ title is not related to the movie. Besides Basic Plot Idea, there is no specialty in the film. Here are some of the comedy scenes in the local mass dress. Do not worry.


Roy Lakshmi impressed with her beauty. But her look is not so good. The glow on the face is gone. I do not want to expect her from acting. Her role in the second half is disappointing. Praveen Madhanandan tried to laugh at her comedy timing.But they did not utterly use their talent. I do not have to tell Ram Karthik. Poojitha Ponnanda, who acted together, was impressed. The glamor in her looks new. Acting is also good. The actor who made the villain was overwhelmed. Irritated every time he appeared. All other actors are useless.

Technical Persons:
Hari Goura music is not good. Two songs that are folk touch are in the first place. Background music is routine. The photography of Venkat seemed normal. Production values ​​are cinematic. Something in the local town of the village was pulled by the film. Tatvarti Kiran’s story is okay but ..There is no mention of his screenplay. While the script was very much weekly, director Kishore Kumar did not show any specialty on the screen. The director’s experiences lacked experience. He showed little performance in dealing with the massive slapstick comedy. There is no specialty in the direction of directing.

Finally: Where is the Venkatalakshmi .. Etoo has gone

Rating -1.5 / 5

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