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Vishal Ayogya Trailer Released

Ayogya Official Trailer
Ayogya Official Trailer

‘Temper’ is a unique movie in Young Tiger NTR’s career. NTR’s performance in this film is not a non-fiest audience. The climax scene can be seen by any curatorial spectator in NTR. The remake of this film is reminiscent of the story but it is almost impossible to match NTR acting.But the film has already been released in Hindi remake ‘Simba’The release of the film last year was a super hit. But seeing the film, the Telugu audience has broken the lip. Now the field is being prepared for Tamil remake.

Venkat Mohan is the Director of the film and the trailer is released on Friday.The trailer is almost two minutes away. Since we are a Telugu audience, we will be competing with NTR Temper In addition, the trailer is decent. The original film was copied without being changed. “Animal Lover” dialog .. In Climax Scene “I have the courage to rape the girl and take it. Soon after … Simba’s dialogues are asked to say, “Is this the moment of courage?” The Hindi film ‘Simba’ has been a hit and there is a lot of chances that this film is ‘super hit’.

No matter what our Telugu audience can not do with the NTR acting, we should also clarify the matter. Vishal could not match NTR. Vishal acting is good if you look like a fresh movie without comparisons. No coincidence


Here is the Ayogya Trailer

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