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Suryakantham Review

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From the mega family, the first girl to be the first to come up with the camera scene was initially good hype. But her debut film was ‘A Mindu’ or ‘Happy Wedding’. Now a little gap is brought to the audience with the film ‘Surya’. Let’s see how her sunshine’.

Picture: ‘Suryakantham’

Actors: Nihalika-Rahul Vijay-Perleen Behara-Suhasini-Shivaji Raja-Satya et al.
Music: Mark kerabin
Cinematography: Hari jasti
Producers: Sandeep Errant Reddy-Creature Yarboros – Ram Naresh
Written and directed by Praneth Bramandapalli.

Suryakantham is a typical mentality girl. She stands out with a lack of persistence due to stunts in childhood. Commitment faced with Phobia .. The other people are also embarrassed. Unexpectedly with such a girl, she will be contacting Abhi (Rahul Vijay).Love also arises between the two. When it comes to migrating, it is because of its weakness that he will leave the place where the sun is gone. She is waiting for her and her parents are seeing Pooja (Perlene Behara), who is preparing for a marriage. Meanwhile sunlight reverts back to life. Then what is the story of these three lives?

Praneeth Bramandapalli is the director of short films. Previously, he did a web series called ‘Muddappappu Auroyoy’. He showed talent. To find the fun stories that are trendy, he seems to be a skillful entertainer. However, the ventilator does not appear to have a strong storyline in the short films that are primarily driven.They are primarily engaged in characterization. Most of them do not expect intensity of the audience. The scene was funny for any scene.
But when it comes to the film, the situation is different. Comedy is anyway .. it wants to be a little bit serious. Some of the concepts … Some of the strongest characters … the personality they are .. the scenes that are established in the story .. hope for an intensity in the story. Loud .. too lagic mass comedy how to pull out .. but when you want to cultivate sensual humor, all the above features are needed.

This is the story of a talented girl who is the main character of the story of the heroine role in ‘Bommarillu’ .. ‘Fida’. Commitment Phobia is something new. However, the heroine was able to cultivate comedy in a few scenes with this arrogant affair. But the above mentioned films are like ‘Hassini’, like ‘Bhanumati’ or ‘Suryakantham’ in ‘What girl babu’ Feeling unable to. The emotional connection could not be created with that role. The audience could not travel with that character. If there is still a depth in the character, it may be that the viewers are serious.

‘Suryajantham’ is the story of the story .. And then there are some comedy scenes that seem to be okay. But love story between the love story of Abhi-Surya is not a lack of feeling. This means that the distance between the two does not make any sense. Even if the sun is back, they do not have the idea to dream again. In the second half to give a sunbathing over the role of suryakantham But it was not so strong. The character is very confusing and the Confusion creates as a unknown response.

In the later case the entertainment in the second sense is also minus. Excerpts from the background scores for the emotion of the effort .. Original scenes and characters, no emotions have been burned. The climax was attempting to end the viewer’s contrast with the viewer but …What kind of audience does the audience feel when there is no emotional connection with which role? It seems like ‘shining’ is how the narrative of a shorter film with a short film is going to be a film. This is not a thing but it’s a two-hour-long story of stuff.

A good opportunity to score as a nimble actress is Sunlight. But she could not carry the whole story around her. The character is not properly formed .. Nomadic could not get any extra strength. ‘Muddappappu Auroyai’ can see that she can do comedy .. Emo is the weekend of cultivation .. but it is surprisingly emotional in the movie that is parched. Comedian was seen in the comedy scene. Rahul was impressed by Vijay Looks.His performance did not appear to be consistent. Some of the scenes are okay .. even in some places. The new girl is beautiful to see Perlene Behara. Acting is irrelevant. Her voice is more reminiscent than Pearln. Every time she appeared, dubbing highlighted herself. Suhasini has appeared in fewer scenes, but she has given her specialty. That role would seem to be fine for a while. Good luck in the truth. I do not have to tell you about Shivaji Raja.

Technical Persons;
Music for such romantic comedies needs to be strong. But Mark could not put out such kerabin. The songs are not even remembered. It’s gone. There is no specialty in the background music. Hari jasti’s photograph is irrelevant. Production values ​​are cinematic.
Writer-cum-director Praneth Bramandapalli is a trendy dialogue, and he has a talent in dealing with comedy. But the feature film level story lines .. He was fair to make up the characters. If he did more, he could make his mark with ‘suryakantham’.

Finally: sunlight .. the light is matched

Rating 2.25/5

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