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Radhika Apte’s Comments are 100 Percent True

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Actress Radhika Apte tells her not only the role of heroine but also the role of actress. Radhika Apte, who has been working on one of the leading roles in the web series, has made interesting comments in an interview. Even though they do not taste some, her words are 100 percent true. Many of these times have been criticized for the legendary Stars. Some believe that the successors do not have to be respected, but if they come back with the background, they will be the Stars. Many stars came out without background. Some came with the background and did not even star. That’s why the stars are just like the background on the background but not everyone who has the hardest talent is the Stars.

Do not assume that everyone in the industry is the same. The fact that women are sexually abused is true, but it is mostly done by casting directors. Some casting directors who choose casting for a movie will behave badly. They say that they have a bad name for everyone in the industry. At the same time, Radhika Apte made his comments on the debate over the last few days on the issue of hero giants’ compensation.

The star hero like Salman Khan is capable of gaining Rs 200 crore. The same heroine has a chance to earn up to Rs. In that case, both are demanding how to make the same. That’s why the heroine feels less than a hero than a hero. But other actors who act in the film rather than hero heroine have equal significance. I would agree that giving those women less compensation than women. In the case of the character artists, the males do not have to be different. In all these three things, Radhika Apte’s remarks are 100% true for all.

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