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PremakathaChitram-2 Review

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“Premakatha Chitram” is a good film for horror comedy films in Telugu. A couple of years ago, the film is now a sequel to ‘Lovekatha Chitram -2’. Let’s look at this film release this day as Ugadi gift.
Picture: ‘Lovekatha Chitra -2’
Actors: Sumanth Ashwin – Nanditha Shwetha – Siddhi Itnani – Electric Raman – Apoora Srinivasan – Krishnethera and others
Music: Jeevan Babu
Cinematography: C.Raram Prasad
Written by: Sunpuri Ganesh
Producer: Sudarshan Reddy
Directed by: Harrison.
The story:Sudhir (Sumanth Ashwin) is studying in college while the dance school runs. Bindu (Siddhi Idhani), who likes to see Sudhir, will join the dance school for him. He then proposes to him. But Sudhir, who is already in love with another girl (Nandhita Shweta), loves her. This leads to suicide.
Then Sudhir goes to a farmhouse to stay calm together. Where he experiences unexpected experiences. It behaves like a demon. And she really had a ghost. If that’s true, that’s what the devil is to see on the screen.
Story – analysis:Sumanth Ashwin’s career in the right movies is not a boom but he is a talented actor. If you look at movies like ‘before and after’ Nanditha Shweta is very good at seeing the Tamil films she plays. In the Telugu film ‘Where to go to the little girl’ can be seen. All of them are good actors in ‘love story chitram-2’.The first actors who come to know that the original actors come forward and feel gorgeous. If you do not know what the scene is, how can you behave like a madman? Let’s gotta give an hour to take shots in a variety of locations in a house.Actually Sumanth .. Nanditha .. What do you see in the film .. When acting in the movie is not meant to go away from it in the middle. The short film level is called the web series range .. The ‘love story chitram’ That is a poor picture. Does not the name of the tree tell them to sell the nuts? Such a thing is ‘love story chitram 2’ too.Maruthi and team’s ‘lovekatha chitram’ is not a name but a name. If it is in a hundred marks in terms of content .. it is difficult to give ten. An unforgettable story .. unbearable narrative .. bending scenes .. What’s the matter of ‘love story chitram 2’?

It laughs at the scenes taken in the name of the horror. Scenes made for comedy are scared. In that sense, it becomes the ‘Horror Comedy’. As long as the horror comedy has gone out of time. In this janar you can not even play a good cinema. How is it that you like the movie? The trailer is so bad Not surprisingly, if you have seen the movie, how much good trailer is going to feel how to cut it. Story Ano .. Story Ano .. the scenes .. there is no way to highlight something. The whole film is all good. Prithamandam .. Second is not the climax. Every scene has been competing against the audience. One momentum that does not mind is not anywhere in the movie.
Starring:Sumanth Ashwin is really looking forward. His performance as a supposedly devious person in the climax. He tried to make gestures with some feeling of being ‘evil dead’. They became a lot of comedy. He hopes how the career will resume by doing such films. The good actress’s performance like Nandita White is also shocking.After the film is agreed, it seems to have to do something wrong. Siddhi Iddani was never minded. She did not need to be overwhelmed. Good thing in Krishnitej who took the responsibility of comedy but can not laugh. Vulgar was angry with comedy. Electric Raman could not be used properly. Aparna Srinivasan does not have to tell other actors.
Sanketikavargam:Production values ​​are poor. Most of the scenes in the ‘love story’ are pulling the scenes at home. We do not feel monotonous because of the strength in the content. Here are some of the things that have been done as well. Construction values ​​are now much better in Short Films. I do not have to tell you about music.Background music makes the ears of blood in the ears. Song notes are unnecessary. There is no lightning in the photography. Uttupatturi Ganesh Writing .. How much less about Hurricane Direction is so good.Finally: love story 2 – Harorare to the audience
Rating -0.5 / 5

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