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Lakshmi’s NTR Review

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Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao’s life with Nandamuri Balakrishna-Krish’s ‘NTR’ movie. Ram Gopal Varma’s cinematic ‘Laxmith NTR’ is the main events of NTR’s life. The film is produced by Varma with the most controversial story. Let’s see how it works.

Movie: ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’

Actors: Vijay Kumar – Yegna Shetty – Sreede et al
Music: Kalyani Malik
Photograph: Rami
Written by Ram Gopal Varma – Narendra Chari
Producers: Rakesh Reddy – Deepthi Balagiri
Directed by: Ram Gopal Varma – Agastya Manju.

After the defeat of the 1989 election, NTR is in a kind of frustration and laxmikarvati comes to write his life story during loneliness. Lakshmi personally gives her permission to write her life story NTR. Lakshmi Parvathi is very close to NTR’s house every day to write this book. NTR decides to marry her. But fierce resistance comes from family members.
Even though NTR is married to Lakshmi. Then victory in the 94 elections. What did Chandrababu Naidu do with Nandamuri’s family members to get the bullet in this position? The story of ‘Laxmas NTR’ is what happened afterwards.

Marriage with Laxmi Parvati .. Chandra Babu is back .. death .. It is impossible to see NTR’s life without these things. Nandamuri Balakrishna-Krish team NTR’s first wife Basavatarakamma tried to tell NTR’s life in the end of the story when she stopped the story, but the story was not gone. NTR’s life was shown as flat and Chandra Babu’s character was full positive and the NTR did not have the likeness of the audience.But NTR’s life is the most important thing in history. In a sense, it is a continuation of the film ‘NTR’. The story of ‘NTR’ is going to go a little bit ahead of where Augustod is from. In a sense, Brahma-Krish’s story that left in the middle of Varma You can say that it has given one end. Krrish’s ‘NTR’ compared to two episodes of ‘Laxmas NTR’ are interesting items .. The twists .. the thrill of the story is in the interest of the story. But Varma has been trying to unravel the story unilaterally. He is totally silent on directing the film.

Laxmis NTR’s film is not incompatible with the film. But in this film there are bullets in NTR-Lakshmi Parvathi only. Who should say the things that happened between them? Is not LaxmiParvattu? So it is clear that she is the key in Inputs story. So the role of the character is also flawless in the film. She has no connection with the Telugu Desam Party politics.She was projected as a heroine. You can understand Varma and Purpose. All of them are familiar with the introduction of NTR-Lakshmi Parvati .. Their relationship has increased. A type of love is a love story ..Family stories. In the second half, all the conspiracy politics that are directed against NTR are going on in the background of NTR’s death. The narrative in the first half makes it harder to try to establish two bonds without much politics.

But the second half is turning around politics. Focusing on the back episode is a little more interesting. The movie is about the role of Chandrababu in the movie. Babu’s supporters are dandling to make the film so that the opponents will be well-liked by Varma. The way it was presented was also the same. Babu was able to show only an intensity of character until Varma. Viceroy’s episode is impressive.This episode is going to be slightly emotional. Babu’s role promotes interest. But this episode is also greatly restrained once again. In the second half of the film, the upcoming film will take down again in the last half an hour. Varma and Team dropped the story to end up sharp. Nandamuri’s family members are shown as full negative in the film. But Verma took a very poor look at the scenes with them.His chosen casting was totally frustrating. Feeling serial looking something this scenes look. In addition, there is also a lack of production values ​​in many places. The film is the main attraction of the film as the ‘Laxmas NTR’ story. Varma-Agastya Manju has acted to maintain a crucial Visharoay episode.
Like NTR, it is also a popular film that feels like a film. In addition to the wasting of the casting in the wastage .. poor production values ​​.. Laxmas NTR does not favor the average viewer due to lack of direction.

Vijay Kumar played the role of NTR and Parvathy. In comparison, he could not match the NTR. Gestures acting okay. The voice is mimic, and it seems artificial. Shrevez’s performance in the role of Chandrababu is the biggest highlight of the film. Sretez was very good at showing the character’s cunning ness.His role in the second half is astonishingly audiences. Yagna Chetty, who played the role of Lakshmi Parvati, In the case of the other two characters the simulation appears but not in the case of this character. Actor Mohan Babu was impressed. All those who acted in the rest of the roles did not make their impressions.

Technical Persons;
Some of the songs in Kalyani Malik are good. The SP boys sang ‘You are my whole’. The background music is very well made. When Chandrababu appeared in the character, the background music in the backpack episode shows a seal of the art. Rami photography is okay. Production values ​​are poor. It does not include the level of quality of movies of the time.In some places the feeling of looking at the B-grade movie is getting worse. Dialogues are good in the second. The director duo Varma-Agastya Manju has no special seal. He had this story with a huge curiosity in the audience and failed to tell the thrill.

Rating 2.25/5

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