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Kanchana 3 Movie Story Leaked

Kanchana 3 Movie Story Leaked

Kanchana series Laurence Mastar has been the story of the director’s talent. Choreographer turn director. But will his pulses eat every time? After a lot of Gap, the Telugu audience is coming with another horror film called ‘Kanchana 3’. Will this film get 2 lacs? There is an interesting discussion.Kanchana 2 was praised by all superstar Rajinikanth. That’s why Tamilnadu has predicted on the third film in this franchise. But what is the scene in Telugu? That’s not the case with any recent blockbuster talk to the recently released Teaser-trailer. Another mass horror treat coming from Lawrence.

What do the people who have already seen the movie say? That means there are some gleaning highlights in Concealment 3. The comedy which will be attached to the masses .. Action along with the horror .. Sentimental elements are exclusive. Visual graphics is the highest priority in the film. In particular, the climax sequence shows that the Visual Feast has an inherent horror treat.In the evening of the evening, the 3rd Media Media Meet, which is known to all the cinema watchers. Are Laurence Masters suspicious of directing talent? There was another warming discussion. Lawrence, who thinks that it’s not enough to connect only to the masses, says that the film has made some gorgeous scenes in the film and horrified by horror by horror,Horror compared to the first two films in the Kachanala series, the sentiment was more than tripled.

In Conjunction 2, there are scissors that have a heartbeat in the Nithyeman episode.Already producer Tagore Madhu also claimed that the movie was a preview and was confident. The film will have some competition from Nani ‘jersey’ on April 19. However, if the movie is emotional with a class touch in sports background, it is obvious that the pacca is impressive with the mass horror treat.

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