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Kanchana 3 Movie Review

Picture: Kanchana 3 Movie Review

Actors: Raghava Lawrence – Platform – Oviya – Nicki Tamboli – Kovai Sarala – Sathyaraj and others
Music: Taman
Photography: Vetri
Producer: Kalanidhi Maran
Writing – Direction: Raghava Lawrence

The horror comedy janar in the south is to be noted in the films that have a good wave of the ‘Concern’ series. Raghava Lawrence, who hit big hits with this franchise, has now come to the audience with ‘ChamChena-3’. He once again frightened the viewers .. let’s see .. Let’s see.

The story:

Raghava (Raghava Lawrence) is a boy who feared the devil’s tribe. Two ghosts hold him over one. One of these is a ghasti (Laurence) .. another supposedly his girlfriend Lucy. Both of them have a reason to play Raghava. They both lose their lives unjustly and are desperate to take revenge on the person responsible for their death. Who killed them this time? Whether they were able to revenge on the man through the Raghava or the other story.

Article – analysis:

Raghava Lawrence’s ‘Conchina’ series of cinematics .. The other horror comedy is almost the same story. A man who has lost his life in the hands of a villain or a person .. will become a devil and enter into another person. Revenge by that person. But for a while, the audience turned away from the scenes. Seeing the cinemas again started to beat or rotate. Even though Horror comedy outdated, Laurence was able to enjoy ‘Ganga’. Though the story is of the same kind of comedy in his style, he was able to appreciate the audience by intimidating. In addition, the ‘kanchana’ .. ‘ganga’ films are also a flashy flashback. But when Coming to ‘Comchina-3’ comedy .. Horror both did not work out at the desired level. Flashback is not as effective as before. Launches the same kind of films and Laurence seems to have flashed the idioms ‘Concern -3’ if you see.

Laurence Ke frightened by the demons we have already seen in three movies. Lawrence has grown up with how much comedy you can play through the character. What’s new What is the role of Kovai Sarai as the mother of Lawrence? All together, Loud Comedy is too routine and gets worse in many places. Laurence was named Loud Comedy. Lawrence has also grown lounges too much to believe that the ‘Concerts’ series has been successful. Besides this, it is going to be a half dominant at every step. Over the past few years, the average Telugu audience’s passion has changed well .. The background of the sensitive films, ‘Chamchana-3’ The first thing that’s seen in the past also seems repeatable again. Sound effects in the theater .. The camera’s performance can cause the audience to panic but the horror element does not feel anything new. We are afraid of that time. That’s it. And how much better it is to say about the romance of Lawrence with three girls. Those scenes seem too odd.

The whole story does not seem to move forward somewhere. In the second half, we will soon enter into the story. The film is going to be very serious. Even though flashback routine, there is a slight intensity. But before we know what’s going to happen, we look forward to flashback ending.

The revenge track is also understandable when it comes to the present day. But even if the mass audience of the movie is going to be a moderately engaging, the ‘Kranch-3’ climax will make Mind Blank to all. Lawrence reached the climax in the climax. It’s hard to cope with that gossip. It will take a little time to sit back to the usual position until you end up with end titles. The climax of the film is to reduce the impression of the previous one. The length of the film is very high. To be sure, the ‘khanchana’ series is based on the Routine storytelling .. Loud comedy .. The horror element is the ‘concando-3’ for those who love it. But it does not include the special elements that mimic the rest of the series in the series. There is no doubt in this franchise this week’s film.


Raghava Lawrence’s ‘Conchina’ series also looks like this as what Raghava never looked like. His performances in the scene of the demonic girl acting is good but it is not new. Lawrence looks quite different in the role of Kali. His performance in that role is also unique. Heroines stage .. oviya .. nicki .. glamor contested with each other. Acting is normal. Kovai Sarala has acted in a manner that she was very kind. Her audience can be impressed by the mass audience. Sathyaraj did well.


Taman’s background score became a big plus for the film. He frightened him with background music too. Vetri cinematography has also helped the film. Camera performance is crucial in the horror scenes. Construction values ​​are good. Raghava Lawrence’s return to Horror comedy was once again serving a revolving cook. But in the past films, the audience’s emotional connectivity is not in ‘Concern-3’. Lorentz was unable to make a special impression, as he did not try to do something new.

Finally: Compound-3 .. routine bass

Rating -2 / 5

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