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ChitraLahari Review

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Picture: ‘ChitraLahari Review’.

Actors: Sai Tej – Kalyani Priyadarshini – Nirvitha Pathuraj – Posani Krishnamurthy – Sunil-Vennela Kishore – Brahmaji – Bharat – Sudarshan and others

Music: Devisri Prasad
Cinematography: Karthik Ghattammanani
Producers: Naveen Ernani – Ravishankar Yalamanchili – Mohan Cherukuri
Writing – Direction: Kishore Thirumala

Hero Sadi Dharam Tej who suffered six flops in a row is not one. This time, he left the familiar stories and made a little different effort for success. The same paintings. The film was produced by Kishore Tirumala and directed by Maitrey Movie Makers. Let’s see if the name of ‘Sai Tez’ for success has been changed to make ‘Chitralahari’ any success.
The story:
Vijay Krishna (Sai ​​Tej) has no success in life except. Though he has talent, the result is that he is in despair. At this point, he will be introduced to Lahiri (Kalyani Priyadarshini). They love both. But after some time, Vijay does not like him, Lahari gets away from him. Success in life, Vijay goes to a more distant distance away from her. What else is Vijay doing to win in love in this life from this situation?
Article – analysis:
Their stories of success in life without any hurdles are of no interest to anyone. Eat too many strokes. Facing defeats. After that, you must succeed. Such stories are good for viewing or reading on the screen. This is a big success story on the silver screen. These stories that are easy to connect with the audience are seen on the screen. This is the new film ‘Chitralahari’. Run for victory and get tired of running away ..
Kishore Tirumala tried to tell the story of a break-in person. His effort appears to be honest. There are interesting roles. There is a good feeling in the story. There are scenes of delight. But even though ‘Chitralahari’ is an opportunity to make a big success story ..
That seems to have been done in the meantime. May be in the roles of the story .. may be in love story .. may be in the conflicts point that causes the story to change .. There is not enough concentration. This made it impossible to make a strong impression, except that ‘Chitralahari’ is just okay.
There is no new thing in the story of ‘Chitralahari’. However, the director Kishore Tirumala wanted to see the audience by showing specialty in the depiction of the character. That effort was somewhat successful. Hero heroines, along with the help of the characters, make a personality impressive. For example, Posani’s hero is the role of father. If the son is allergic to Failure .. Filling his courage, the role that leads to success leads the audience.Thandri kondukkal bandam .. their scenes are also a special attraction for the film. There is a specialty in the heroine’s characterization. Believe what they are saying .. If one of the innocents who can not make any decisions on their own, there is another person who can be very practical and can be someone who can influence anyone. The character of the hero is also unique. Kishore failed to write a strong story to make these characters work properly.
The hero of the film is a love story for the sake of winning the life of a hero. It seems like a personality development class. But there is no strength in it. Hero heroes do not have the right reasons to fall in love. The factors that led to the breakup are also small. It can be broken up for no matter how small, but how much convincing it is on the screen.It is difficult to bring emotion in the audience if it shows that the bracket is going to happen here. The Conflict Point is so weak that the consequences that do not bring much movement in the audience. But if the love story is weak, then the pride will be very pleasant.With so many scenes with simple hammer fun, there is not much burden in the way. The scenes between Saitej and Sunil are the main attraction for the first place. Many scenes have been pissed by Kishore’s good dialogues.
But in the second half of the story comes to an estimate of the story. Finally, the hero’s victory is the end of the story. Then the whole deal feels like filling. The ‘app’ affair that leads to the success of the hero does not seem to be effective. On the other hand the hero turns in love ..Its ending seems normal too. Once broke up again, it seems that the way the two respondents love it is just a bit too much. But the episode between the sunset-posain. The lights of the Kinnaur are some of the laughs that some have kept in the second. Director Kishore Tirumaladi’s typical style. Comedy scene Emotional scene anyway .. there is no hawk. A Silence .. Kamesh is a cinematographer. But the impact is strong enough. In the last two films, you can see that. So Silence in ‘Chitralahari’ ..The cam is too high. This makes sense that the scenes are becoming more and more stupid. ‘Impact’ is not on the expected level. There are good moments in the film ‘Chithalahari’ .. Though the characters are impressive .. the story seems to be the average movie because the Conflict Point is weak.
Starring: Sai Thaire has turned out to be very new. He does not appear in any of his last films. If you look at him as an average guy without heroism, someone will feel the new hero. Look .. body language .. acting .. He did justice to the role. The emotional scenes seem to have been much better. Heroines kalyani Priyadarshini .. Nirantha Pethuraj is a fresh image for the movie.They seemed okay with beauty acting. But initially the characters that seem to be very interesting are generally changed afterwards. Posani Kranmanamurali’s character is a special attraction for his acting. This is the role that we remember from the theater. Sunil Chanla has done well afterwards. His role is good. Brahmaji .. Vennela Kishore also did well. Jayaprakash Okay.
Technical Persons:
Devisri Prasad has made his specialty with the song ‘Love Vennela’. But it would be nice if two such songs were lying. Glass Mets Song is not perfect. The rest of the songs are just okay. Devi did not do well but it is still something musical. The songs are also feeling reduced. The background music is great. Karthik Ghatmana’s photography is a pleasant feeling. Construction values ​​do not dock. ‘Maitri Movie Makers’.The film is spending the necessary cost. Director Kishore Tirumala has a lot of marks on conversations. There is nothing new in his chosen story. The narrative is also uneven. In his previous films, he did not produce emotions. Kishore specializes in driving the scenes but the act is too slow. Kishore did a good job but it was not 100% Effort in that attempt.
Finally: Chithalahari .. but good effort ..!Rating: 2.5 / 5

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