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If Anything Happens To Me Chandra Babu Naidu is Responsible : Mohan Babu

The battle between Chandrababu and Mohan Babu is getting darker. Recently Mohan Babu made sensational comments. Mohan Babu said If Anything Happens To Me Chandra Babu Naidu is Responsible.

Mohan Babu, the head of the academic institutions of Sriharityanathan, has come to know about the fee reimbursement. Two days ago, the police blocked him in a protest rally with students from his educational institutions in Tirupati. The issue was politically motivated by the criticism of the AP Planning Commission’s family members on this issue. Manchu Manoj offered a counter through Twitter on Saturday. Mohan Babu posted an open letter to the Chief Minister Chandrababu Targeted on this issue and posted on Twitter account.
In that letter, Mohan Babu broke down with a strong vocabulary without mentioning the name of Chandrababu. The fee reimbursers asked if they asked for a great deal of lying and that a book would be created. Even though he was not in power in 2013, I highly respected and called everything I had for my functional film openings. If you want to get on the internet, it’s the letter.Mohan Babu also mentioned the controversial issues of politics. It is not good to tell me what the party is doing like the NTR. And if you do not spare me, You can do the same thing … it’s killing me .. nothing more than you can do .. I know you know that politics too. ” They were deeply hurt.

I was invited to every event but not in the office. But I took action on my family on my own .. I asked the students who are studying in our educational institutions to make money for the reimbursements. If it asks him to tell him the courage or two jokers. The government will automatically do some hundred thousand of your elbow water when you are in the middle .. I can not wait for you to be open to anyone.

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