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Dr Mohan Babu Joins YCP

Mohan Babu made a reentry into governmental issues following a hole of 20 years. He joined YSR Congress Gathering on Tuesday within the sight of YS Jaganmohan Reddy in Lotus Lake.

At the question and answer session in Park Hyatt, Mohan Babu told he didn’t make a rebound for MLA or MP Seat. ‘Had if sacking any seat is my aim, I would have joined YSRC three years prior. Made it obvious to Jagan that I am not anticipating anything consequently from him. I wish to see YCP structure the administration and Jagan become CM of AP,’ he said.

Talking about the Charge Repayment issue, Accumulation Ruler advised had he continued conveying it to the notice of AP Boss Pastor since the previous three years and turned to organizing dharna if all else fails.

Mohan Babu responded genuinely on the charge of Chandrababu Naidu that he was making a scene to join YCP – ‘I raised the issue and even submitted papers too. Rather than talking over the Expense Repayment issue, He is charging that I doing this to join YCP. Gathering Join Avvadaniki Nakendukandi Vadi Authorization, Vadevadandi Gottam Gadu. Ade Na Istam! Okadini Adigi Cheredemiti, TDP Lo Vadinadigi Cherana?’.

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